PHA 2018 Convention


My warmest greetings to the Philippine Heart Association, Inc. (PHA) - Philippine College of Cardiology as it holds its 49th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting.
I commend the organization for its sustained commitment in advocating reliable, responsive and efficient cardiovascular care in the country. By raising awareness on the existing and emerging issues on this field, PHA contributes to the task of preserving our people’s well-being.
May this annual gathering succeed in bringing together specialists and other medical professionals with shared interest and expertise in the discipline. I trust that the productive exchange of knowledge and information will propel the participants to contribute further in their common pursuit of realizing innovations
and improvement in the field of medicine.
May you uphold the highest level of ethical performance as you strive to produce quality cardiovascular specialists in the country.
Together, let us work towards an improved health service for our people.
I wish you a successful event.
Warmest greetings to the officers and members of the Philippine Heart Association and the Philippine College of Cardiology on the occasion of your 49th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting.
We are in the midst of many innovations in the diagnosis and management of many lifestyle-related diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, and it goes without saying that cardiovascular experts play a pivotal role in it.
The Department of Health is one with cardiologists in wanting better outcomes for our countrymen.
The Philippine Health Agenda, now revitalized by the FOURmula One Plus Strategy, strives for a better quality of health services for all life stages and addresses the triple burden of diseases, delivered by a functional service delivery network which offers financial protection.
As the DOH gears towards this vision, we look forward to having the Philippine Heart Association and the Philippine College of Cardiology as partners in providing complete cardiovascular health care for better health outcomes in all Filipinos, making each one a healthy and productive citizen.
Let us all continue working together in promoting breakthroughs in disease prevention, especially lifestyle-related diseases, and improve the delivery of health care services and the quality of life of the Filipino people. Congratulations!
Greetings from the Philippine Medical Association!
It is with a great pleasure and a distinct honor for me to convey my heartfelt felicitations to the officers and members of the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), as it holds its 49th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting on March 22 to 25, 2018 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City, with the theme entitled: “Alliances to Quintessence: Transcending Barriers to Compleat Cardiovascular Care.”
It delights me to know that the Philippine Heart Association has again chosen a theme that aptly defines the field of specialization and the professional calling of its members as “heart-specialists”.
Leaders of your organization have been, most of the time, at the forefront of health care issues related to the heart and other cardiovascular and related diseases. It is a fact that some of the finest members of your organization are recognized by the medical profession as some of the best leaders and experts in this field of specialization. The Philippine Medical Association acknowledges, therefore, the contribution of its members, particularly its leaders, both past and present, in raising the level of the public’s awareness on the risk factors that relate in significant ways, to lifestyle most of which are within people’s control. In closing, please allow me to congratulate the organizers and the officers of the association not only for the successful realization of this year’s annual convention but also for the significant contribution of its members in raising the level of health of our people.
For and on behalf of the other national officers and members of the board of governors of the Philippine Medical Association, I would like to, once again, express my warm regards and best wishes to the officers and members of the Association.
Thank you and more power to Philippine Heart Association! Mabuhay!
First of all, on behalf of the Philippine College of Physicians, I congratulate you on your work on the forthcoming 49th Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting to be held on 23-25 May 2018.
The theme “Alliances to Quintessence: Transcending Barriers to Compleat Cardiovascular Care” is resonant with our PCP health agendum towards better health outcomes and impact.
Secondly, health care improvement in quality and service demands no less than a whole of community approach. We welcome this event as a springboard for collaboration for improved outcomes.
Lastly, the PCP is inspired with your activity, and we hope that this work can be integrated to a national health plan to benefit our people.
To all of you who are with us to share your precious time:
It is our utmost honor and pleasure to welcome you to join our 49th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting.
Starting off with the Pre-convention day, be prepared to be impressed by the well-crafted programs on health advocacies, workshops on CPR and leadership, as well as vascular medicine symposium.
Be prepared to immerse yourselves in our three days of highly scientific lectures, thought-provoking topics, challenging encounters with the experts and many other pearls of knowledge painstakingly designed by our Scientific Committee.
Be prepared to be mesmerized by the high definition visuals and state-of-the-art technology in the presentations.
Likewise, our Organizing Committee was steadfast in its focus to go beyond the borders through joint sessions with international societies such as the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology, American College of Cardiology and European Society of Cardiology.
Be prepared to get updated with the latest in the pharmaceutical realm of cardiology, information technology, gadgets and imaging tools.
Be prepared to be enchanted in an evening of camaraderie and fun during the Fellowship Night.
Be prepared to be enthralled with an array of entertainment as institutions vie for the top awards with their talents. But never miss the special rendition by no other than the PHA Board of Directors.
Colleagues, let me assure you that your attendance to our Convention will surely be rewarding. We hope that our theme: “Alliances to Quintessence: Transcending Barriers to Compleat Cardiovascular Care” will serve as an inspiration and to further enrich and equip you when you go back to your clinics.
With my warm regards and thanks.
Welcome to the 49th PHA Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting. We proudly present to you this year’s convention with the theme “Alliances to Quintessence: Transcending Barriers to Compleat Cardiovascular Care.”
As in the past year, we are bringing you an exciting array of topics that are relevant, updated, pertinent and useful to both cardiologists and non-cardiologists.
Our speakers have been carefully chosen from the realm of cardiology and other spheres of specialty, to bring you a very healthy discussion on some of the most interesting topics in cardiology today. From adult to pediatric cardiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cardiovascular surgery & CV anesthesia to the emerging fields of cardiology such as cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and cardiovascular oncology, and research plus very interesting non-cardiology topics such as parenting; this year’s convention promises to be a venue for significant learning for our attendees.
This year also marks the launch of the 1st Dr. Ramon F. Abarquez Jr. Memorial Lecture in honor of an outstanding cardiologist and beloved mentor.
We indeed hope that this convention will live up to everyone’s expectation. Happy learning to everyone and enjoy the rest of the convention.
One Heart, One PHA!
Once again, on May 22-25, 2018, all roads lead to the PHA Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting themed “Alliances to Quintessence: Transcending Barrier to Compleat Cardiovascular Care.”
For four days, cardiologists, internists from other disciplines, family doctors and nurses, will momentarily digress from their usual route and routine, to attend the convention. Everyone will nourish his mind and heart with tools that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of care for every patient and case. Our goal is for you to bring home the new knowledge that would translate to better patient care.
The Scientific Committee, different PHA councils and officers prepared a fully-booked schedule -- highly informative and stirring scientific sessions, research presentations, fellows-intraining activities, debates and non-medical sessions.
Distinguished local and foreign speakers will share their expertise -- acquired from experience and continuing medical education from the international cardiovascular realm.
In behalf of the PHA Officers and Board of Directors and all the hardworking council chairpersons, we thank our speakers, session chairs, and attendees for making 49th PHA Annual Convention a “must” in your May calendar.
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